Mezco – Ghost Rider & Hell Cycle One:12 Collective Action Figure Set

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Ghost Rider Hell Cycle One:12 Collective Action Figure Set

“Tonight, the guilty shall suffer.”

  • The Spirit of Vengeance is now an amazing 1:12 scale action figure.
  • Ghost Rider comes with a light-up head and his motorcycle!
  • The Hell Cycle lights up and features removable flames and sound!
  • Comes packaged with a gazillion accessories!

Bound to the demon Zarathos, Ghost Rider craves vengeance against the souls of those who would do harm in the world. Here, measuring about 7 1/2-inches tall, he joins the One:12 Collective line from Mezco Toyz and brings his 9-inch long Hell Cycle featuring a light-up function, removable flames, and sound! Each Ghost Rider and Hell Cycle One:12 Collective Action Figure Set sports interchangeable hands and over 32 points of articulation and is packaged with a gazillion accessories (see below) in a box designed with collectors in mind. If that’s you, order this bad boy while you can!

Ghost Rider is outfitted in motorcycle gear from head to toe – a black shirt under his leather-like jacket, leather-like pants, motorcycle riding boots, and gloves. The Spirit of Vengeance comes with a light-up head that flickers, achieving a realistic flame effect. He’s also equipped with his lethal Hellfire Chain that he can hold, as well a poseable real metal chain! Ghost Rider can sit atop the included Hell Cycle and hold on to both handles.

Capable of moving at incredible speeds and traversing vertical surfaces or water, the Hell Cycle is Ghost Rider’s main mode of transportation. This Hell Cycle features a light-up function that illuminates the removable flame effects and a revving sound feature!

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in


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