Geek Peek: DC Comics Bruce Wayne Batman Ikemen First Edition Statue

Are male superheroes usually considered hot? I mean, sure, the guys who play them can be, try and tell me Chris Evans or Jason Momoa are ugly and I’d…well I’d have to disagree. Sure, the comic versions are usually well built, angular, rough-faced, tougher than tough types, a for sure thing for some. But not the type of hot you’d thirst follow their Instagrams and comment “🔥🔥🔥” on all their pictures.

Say no more, Japan’s premiere collectors toys maker, Kotobukiya has created the Ikemen series to quench our thirst. Ikemen is Japanese slang for a ‘handsome man’, this series reimagines American comic book characters in the ikemen style, based on illustrations by famous comic artist Ricken. This is the fifth entry into the series, and the most anticipated, the Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Still sporting a long, muscular, but not overdone, body, you can tell he doesn’t skip batleg day at the gym. Clothed in the more traditional grey and black batsuit, his posture belies a willful determination.

Like a kind, smiling man, like me? Got you covered too, this is the first release of this particular figure and as such, will also come with a “First Edition Bonus Smiling Face” part that will not be re-released with any future editions. This Bathottie is expected to be released in August 2019 and will feature a determined face, a Batmask face and the noted one run smiling face.

Check out Kotobukiya full Ikemen line, a new favorite of High Tinkerer M.

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