Who’s ready for some more Saitama and crew and their ‘Superhero for Fun’ adventures? Fans have been waiting for season 2 since 2016. Little nibbles were thrown to us here and there, alluding to a hilarious and action-packed season two, but with no date in sight. Is Saitama leaving? What’s going on with Genos? Finally, they gave us the good news, and for some, the bad news. In early March, Viz Media released the final date for the Season 2 premiere, April 9th. This is the same day it will premiere in Japan, and the series will run concurrently with the Japanese edition.

However, some fans were less pleased that the series will be running only on Hulu, they had hoped it would return to Netflix or even be taken up by anime giant, Crunchyroll. However, Hulu does offer a free 30-day trial and $5.99 per month afterward. Still, if like me, you already run a bunch of subscriptions for streaming, the thought of taking on another might be off-putting. Maybe Hulu can hook up a High Tinkerer up?

Anyways, we’ll bring you our own take on the series when we can, although if it’s anything like the first we’re pretty sure it’ll be great. In the meantime, if you want your own little Saitama to love, be sure to check out our Exclusive figure (helps keep the site running, and a Tinkerer juiced up on coffee and Hulu).

-High Tinkerer M


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