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– aside from the marketing aspect of this post, I was reminded by one done by @tempest.artistry.x , that the anniversary of his passing was just a day or so ago. Coincidentally, i happened to be working on the anticipated arrival of LDD dolls in the likeness of #thecrow . R.I.P. Brandon, a burning fire🔥 extinguished way too early. ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ #uniqgeek #thecrowmovie #thecrowbrandonlee #brandonlee #sonofthedragon #brandonleethecrow #brandonleelegacy #instavid #vid #brandonleefans #livingdeaddolls #ldd #livingdeaddollscollection #instagood #rip #itcantrainforever #followforfollowback #geekpeek

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One of Hollywood’s enduring tragedies is the death of Brandon Lee. The oldest child of martial arts master, Bruce Lee, Brandon had a small list of largely indie martial arts movies on his resume. In 1993, however, that was set to change with what was thought to be Brandon’s big break in The Crow. He was cast as the title Crow (Eric) character, a man brutally murdered who returns as an undead avenger for his and his fiance’s murders. Fate would see that Brandon would never get to see the movie’s release, however. On March 31st, 1993, Brandon would be shot on set by a dummy bullet that was not properly removed from the chamber from a previous scene. The bullet struck him in the abdomen, mortally wounding him. He was rushed to the hospital, but after 6 hours of surgery he passed away.

The movie though, stands as a cult classic almost 30 years later. Brandon’s acting shows what potential he had, and the great things he could have accomplished if he hadn’t been taken so young. 

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