The Creep (Creepshow) from NECA (Geek Peek)

In the first of a series of NECA horror movie figure we have coming up, please welcome The Creep! Shudder’s new Creepshow TV series expands on the rich legacy of horror built by the original movies, and breathes new unlife into its mascot, The Creep. Now in action figure form, The Creep stands over 7 […]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Growing up, one of the best shows on the air was Ren and Stimpy, hands down. It was funny, gross, silly and had a whole lot of jokes that went over my head at the time. A pinnacle of adult aimed animation, Ren and Stimpy made way for later adult animation shows. Even the later […]

Geek Peek: DC Comics Bruce Wayne Batman Ikemen First Edition Statue Are male superheroes usually considered hot? I mean, sure, the guys who play them can be, try and tell me Chris Evans or Jason Momoa are ugly and I’d…well I’d have to disagree. Sure, the comic versions are usually well built, angular, rough-faced, tougher […]

Geek Peek – GODZILLA King of the Monsters Video Game Appearance

Who gets to be a cultural icon, a hero AND a villan, have a career spanning over 65 years, but still be fresh enough to have a new movie coming out this month? Only the baddest kaiju in the whole damn world, GODZILLA. In honor of our favorite monster on monster movie making monster, we’re […]