High Tinkerer M is going to be straight with you, I have been jumping, and I mean full on gazelle leaping, over sewer openings for decades. The fear still lingers and it’s all due to one single monster. One single monster clown spider alien thing. Pennywise. This week’s newly released trailer for Chapter Two if the modern incarnation looks to keep the fear alive as Pennywise faces off with the now grown Losers Club. Anyone who has read the book or seen the original 90’s version knows how the story ends, but if you’re like me, will still end up jumping out of their skin at least a few times.

My fear began with the amazing Tim Curry’s portrayal of the murder clown and his surreally disturbing “When you’re down here with me, Georgey-you float too!”. Watching this as a little tinkerer scarred me for life. Still, when the remake was announced originally, I wasn’t too sure. Remakes can be pretty bad in some cases, and especially one that’s such a classic. That said, I had to admit the 90’s IT was very outdated looking, with the special effects alone now so laughable, it was distracting.

That said, I was so very impressed with the remake. Bill Skarsgård in the seminal role of Pennywise was a perfect choice, as he never tried to play Curry’s Pennywise, but his own unsettling take on the monster. His take on Pennywise is disturbing, unnerving, and most importantly, very scary.  

The first part of the remake has some uniquely memorable (and memeable) moments. And finally, after a 2-year wait, we’re getting the second installment of the remake. From the trailer, it looks just an ominous as the first. This second installment will be in theaters on September 6th, just in time for the spooky season.

If you can’t wait to get your fill, you can now have your very own murder clown to hug and to hold (and it vibrates!),

or maybe a little mini version of ol’ Pennywise in his best spider form.

Or, if you’d prefer to show the world your love of IT, watch as your Pennywise umbrella changes color and looks to bleed in the rain.

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