The Creep (Creepshow) from NECA (Geek Peek)

In the first of a series of NECA horror movie figure we have coming up, please welcome The Creep! Shudder’s new Creepshow TV series expands on the rich legacy of horror built by the original movies, and breathes new unlife into its mascot, The Creep. Now in action figure form, The Creep stands over 7 […]

The Owlman

There’s something about cryptids that captures our imaginations, from the benevolent Sandman that puts children to sleep to the man eating werewolves of everyday lore. The thought of some beings and creatures that we don’t have control over both scares and fascinates us. One of the more obscure of these is the Owlman. First mentioned […]

Pennywise (IT) – Contender for Monster of the Year

High Tinkerer M is going to be straight with you, I have been jumping, and I mean full on gazelle leaping, over sewer openings for decades. The fear still lingers and it’s all due to one single monster. One single monster clown spider alien thing. Pennywise. This week’s newly released trailer for Chapter Two if […]

The Kooky, Spooky Addams Family

This week gave us the trailer for the latest in a long line of new incarnations of the beloved macabre family, The Addams Family.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now! This latest version harkens back to the original New York Times comic in style and tone, a mild departure from […]