This week gave us the trailer for the latest in a long line of new incarnations of the beloved macabre family, The Addams Family.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now!

This latest version harkens back to the original New York Times comic in style and tone, a mild departure from the later TV and movie version many of us know. The Addams Family started way back in 1938 when comic Charles Addams started to occasionally create comics featuring a mysteriously creepy family in his regular comics in The New Yorker. They were highly stylized and well received over the years. This would lead to the 1964 television show, that would become several cartoons and movies over the decades afterward.

For 81 years, these OG goths have held a spot in our hearts. Morticia and Gomez are absolute relationship goals, Fester is the uncle we wish we had, and I think some of us (especially me) have a whole lot of Wednesday’s outlook on life.

Addams Family Facts!

Get your own little EE Exclusive version of one of the best couples in pop culture history!

Here’s to eternal spookiness

~ High Tinkerer M

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