There’s something about cryptids that captures our imaginations, from the benevolent Sandman that puts children to sleep to the man eating werewolves of everyday lore. The thought of some beings and creatures that we don’t have control over both scares and fascinates us. One of the more obscure of these is the Owlman. First mentioned in 1976 in Mawnan, Cornwall in UK, this creature is a large humanoid creature with the head of an owl and long slender arms that end in  a set of razor sharp claws. Sightings of the creature went on unil 1995 and a “loud, owl-like sound” could be heard at night in the Mullion church yard during the year 2000.

More recently, the Owlman has made its pop culture debut in the Scotish indie film “Lord of Tears”, where it represented the Semitic god Muloch. The movie and its depiction of Owlman became a cult classic. It is being followed up by a sequel “The Black Gloves” set to be released on DVD and streaming on July 1, 2020. It looks as good, if not better than the original, a period piece set filled with gothic imagery and a lore heavy storyline. Check out the trailer:

In a timely addition to this, Mezco & Living dead Dolls is releasing this nightmare creature in doll form! With its black eyes and flaying talons, the doll is a faithful reproduction of the movie version of this monster. 

Just for fun:

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